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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is Carl Crawford overrated?

I always just accepted that Carl Crawford was really good. I always saw highlights of him stealing bases, roaming left field, and hitting the ball pretty well. After he got substantially more money than Jayson Werth, I decided to investigate things.

Carl Crawford's career triple slash line and wOBA: .296/.337/.444 0.347?!?!?!

You say that those numbers are skewed because he wasn't as good when he was younger? Fair enough. Triple slash lines and wOBA for '09 and '10:

'09: .305/.365/.452 0.367
'10: .307/.356/.495 0.378

Still nothing worth writing home about.

Over the last two seasons he has stolen 107 bases, but only at an 80.4% clip.

Jayson Werth's triple slash lines and wOBA(career, '09, and '10):

Career: .272/.367/.481 0.372
'09: .268/.373/.506 0.382
'10: .296/.388/.532 0.397

Has stolen 33 bases with an 84.6% success rate.

Crawford plays LF, one of the easiest positions to play. Are his contributions worth that much more than Werth's? He is younger, but I'm seriously starting to question why everyone thinks he's so much better than Jayson taking a look at his offensive stats and the fact that he plays one of the "least important" positions in the field.

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Anonymous said...

i really don't have an opinion on who is better but crawford did play those years in a minus offensive park which detracted from the long ball while in my opinion the bank is a neutral offensive park with a propensity for the home run & werth goes long periods between steals at times.