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Sunday, October 10, 2010

NLDS Game 3: Hamels dazzles, Phillies sweep (3-0)

Charlie Manuel went with the same lineup as Friday night, and as we know, neither Mr. Musser or I agree with Rollins batting ahead of Ibanez or Ruiz. This is a small point to be made, and it was the only decision of the night that Charlie would need to make as Cole Hamels went the CG shutout while allowing only 5 batters to reach base. He struck out 9 and walked none.

The Reds usually impressive defense handed the Phillies runs again tonight. In the first inning, Orlando Cabrera made a throwing error on a Jayson Werth grounder that allowed Placido Polanco to score.

Chase Utley provided the other run on a solo-shot to right-center field in the top of the 5th. Reds fans should be ashamed at themselves for fighting over the ball. Drew Stubbs was well positioned, and while it would have been a very difficult catch to make, the trajectory of the ball was almost completely vertical at that point, and I definitely think he could have made the catch.

Manuel made one of two decisions that would have been right in my opinion with regard to the 9th inning. He made no move, which was fine by me. It was either leave Hamels in or bring in Ryan Madson as Joey Votto was due up second.

Cole Hamels was absolutely spectacular tonight. It was certainly not a no-hitter, but it was a VERY good outing.

The Phillies don't play again until Saturday. Good thing the bullpen gets the rest after they were dangerously overworked this series.

Let's hope that the Giants/Braves series goes the perfect length to make all their pitchers' arms fall off.

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