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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NLCS Preview (Part 1): San Francisco Giants vs Philadelphia Phillies

In this half of the NLCS Preview, I am providing statistics for the likely batters and pitchers to be included on the Giants' and Phillies' rosters. Mr. Musser will be posting his predictions prior to the start of the series on Saturday.

The batters' statistics are wOBAs in 2010, career, and career splits vs LHP/RHP. The pitchers statistics are OPSs for 2010, career, and career splits. I did not intend to use two different stats before compiling this information. I came to realize that does not list wOBA against for pitchers. By that point, I had already retrieved the wOBAs for the batters, and it is a much better tool for analysis anyway. Take the stats as you will. In most cases, I would predict that the players true value falls somewhere between their 2010 numbers and their career numbers. If you take the time to analyze these stats closesly you will probably find some odd things (similar to what I found). One would assume that the career wOBAs would fall somewhere between the career wOBA splits. However, some of the players (mostly if not completely switch hitters) had some strange ranges.

* Denotes that career splits include innings as starter. Logically, in most cases, these numbers would be improved.

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Some things of note:

Chase Utley is better against LHPs than RHPs.
Jayson Werth vs LHP is better than Chase Utley.
Freddy Sanchez vs LHP is Pat Burrell vs LHP.
Cody Ross vs LHP is nearly Jayson Werth vs LHP!
Buster Posey has a small sample size.
Pat Burrell > Raul Ibanez.
Andres Torres has been MUCH better in 2009 and 2010 than his numbers show.
The Giants bullpen is nasty, and we should probably capitalize on the starters.
The Giants starters are nasty, and we should try to capitalize on them.
Tim Lincecum is filthy.

Let's go Phillies!

Look forward to Mr. Musser's post dissecting the series.

Phillies in 5.

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