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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Game 3 lineup remains the same

"The Phillies will field the same line-up they ran out in Game 2, with Chase Utley batting second and Placido Polanco batting third.

Manuel made the prove to split up Utley and Ryan Howard prior to the start of Game 2. The primary purpose is to force the Giants to either make a pitching change or use a lefty reliever against a righty hitter in the later stages of a game, rather than allowing that reliever (the Giants two primary ones are Javier Lopez and Jeremy Affeldt) to face the Phils' two lefty sluggers back-to-back."


Manuel should have to explain why Utley-Howard were allowed to bat back-to-back in game one. This blog has been on record for over two years that they should be split up by a righty, and it seems that Manuel finally recognizes it (I don't ever remember Utley hitting 2nd and Howard 4th with a righty on the mound) . The 8th inning in game one could have turned out much differently if the lineup weren't so inefficient. It's too bad it took a loss in the NLCS for the manager to understand what Mr. Graham and I have realized for the past two years.

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