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Saturday, October 30, 2010

#1 priority for the Phillies: Re-signing Jayson Werth

Many Phillies fans and members of the MSM think that there is no way that the Phillies will be able to re-sign Jayson Werth. He will probably ink a 4-6 year contract worth about 18 million/year. He is that good despite what some people think. A look at Werth's numbers the last few years ('08-'10)shows this:

wOBA (MLB rank): .382 (29th), .382 (35th), .397 (9th)
fWAR: 5.1, 4.9, 5.0
Doubles (MLB rank): 16, 26, 46 (T-2nd)
HRs (MLB rank): 24 (T-50th), 36 (T-9th), 27 (T-28th)
SB %: 95.2, 87.0%, 81.3%
P/PA: 4.51 (2nd), 4.50 (1st), 4.37 (3rd)

He's also very good defensively, he's fast, and he's great on the base paths.

In 2010, according to wOBA, Jayson Werth was in the company of CarGo, Konerko, Tulowitzki, Holliday, Beltre, and Cano.

Jayson Werth was easily the Phillies best offensive player this year. Over the last three seasons, he has earned a total of $11.7 million. That's less than what Utley, Howard, Halladay, and Brad Lidge made in 2010 alone.

2010 Phillies ranked according to WAR:

Halladay 6.9
Werth 5.2
Hamels 4.7
Ruiz 4.2
Utley 4.1
Victorino 3.6
Oswalt 2.8 (Phillies WAR alone, exclude WAR with Houston)
Howard 2.1

I don't care how much money Werth wants. He should get it. There are plenty of ways to make room for him if salary really is a concern. There must be a MLB team that wouldn't mind having Raul Ibanez on their team if the Phillies would agree to eat a portion (half?) of his salary. He's not that bad of a player for about $6-7 million.

The Phillies NEED to re-sign Jayson Werth.

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