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Monday, September 27, 2010

Game 156: Phils lose series to Mets: Magic number 1 (93-63)

I don't really understand the lineup yesterday. Pat Misch is a left-handed pitcher, and Raul Ibanez gets the start over Ben Francisco. Also, Jayson Werth bats 5th in the lineup behind Ryan Howard.

Nevertheless, Cole Hamels was less than his best yesterday; hopefully this isn't a sign of bad things to come.

There's not really much to say about the game. However, there was one thing I thought that Manuel did well. With the score 5-3 in the 9th, Manuel used Ryan Madson to try and keep the game within reach for the Phils' final AB. Madson came in and did not pitch well allowing 2 hits (including a HR) and a walk. Manuel promptly removed him from the game. Rather than let Madson stay in and drive up his pitch count when the game was clearly out of reach, Manuel yanked him after 10 pitches. Well done, Mr. Manuel.

The Phillies look to clinch the NL East tonight as Roy Halladay takes the mound against the Nationals' LHP John Lannan.

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