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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game 155: 7th inning? Must be time for Chad Durbin (93-62)

The Phillies had their win streak snapped at 11 games last night. In my opinion, the loss falls completely on the shoulders of Charlie Manuel. Kyle Kendrick pitched pretty well last night until the 7th inning when a series of hits and errors resulted in 1 run scoring, the bases being loaded, and only one out being recorded.

Time to remove the reliever? It's the 7th inning? Charlie Manuel must use Chad Durbin, right? No, but he did. Mr. Musser and I are constantly talking about high leverage situations. Well with a 2-1 lead, the bases loaded, and only one out in the 7th inning, it doesn't get a whole lot higher leverage than that. Charlie Manuel should have absolutely used Ryan Madson in this situation last night. Madson is the Phillies best reliever, and the Phils could have absolutely used some Ks in that situation. That situation begged for Ryan Madson. When he gets out of the jam (not certain that he would, but he definitely would give the Phillies the best chance in that situation) Chad Durbin can come out and pitch the 8th with the bases empty. I'm entirely fine with that. Instead, Manuel sticks to using his players in these preconceived roles that he has given them.

I really hope we don't see these terrible strategic moves in the playoffs when it really matters. He's lucky this mistake came when the Phils are all but a virtual lock to win the East and clinch home field in the NL, and not after a series loss to the Braves where it would have been magnified.

Today, Cole Hamels tries to save the series and reduce the magic number to 1 as he takes on Pat Misch

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