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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Game 147: Phils sweep Fish; Lidge used for some reason (86-61)

The Phils defeated the Marlins tonight, 9-5, in a game where Charlie Manuel made no mistakes until the 9th inning.

In a 9-4 game, he decided to use Ryan Madson in the 8th inning. I won't complain about that because there were still six outs to go and he had only pitched once in the past three days. With the off-day tomorrow, Madson should be fine.

However, when the score was 10-4 entering the bottom of the 9th, Brad Lidge should not have been on the mound. He is coming off an elbow injury, and he threw 16 pitches last night. After tonight's disaster where he allowed four baserunners and recorded one out, he's now thrown 39 pitches in two nights. After the off-day tomorrow, he could very well be unavailable for Saturday's game if he needs to throw a lot of pitches on Friday. Poor use of Lidge by the manager.

And guess what? When Lidge was removed, Jose Contreras came into the game and retired two straight batters for the save! Incredible. Someone other than Lidge is capable of earning a save in a 3+ run game.

This will most likely not come back to haunt the Phils, but there is no benefit in using the closer in tonight's game.

The Braves lost, so the Phils are now 3 games up in the NL East. Both teams are off tomorrow. The Phillies can be no worse than tied for first when they meet Atlanta on Monday night in the first of the remaining six games between the two teams.

Well alright.

Friday night, the Phils look to decrease their magic number when Roy Oswalt faces the Nats and RHP Jason Marquis. Their final homestand begins at 7:05 pm.

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