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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game 143: Kendrick starts, Manuel seals fate (82-61)

The Phillies chose to use Kyle Kendrick yesterday afternoon instead of giving Vance Worley his second start in a Phillies uniform. Worley is definitely a more skilled pitcher than Kendrick in that he is much better at striking out batters than Kendick, and thus doesn't need to rely on luck as much (having the ball put in play).

Kendrick didn't pitch awfully. Manuel stayed with him for only 5 innings despite a moderate pitch count (64 pitches). Manuel then decided to use a handful of pitched before the real problems started in the 8th. Jose Contreras allowed Jesus Feliciano to reach base on a single. The next hitter, Angel Pagan, sprayed a base hit to left field. Raul Ibanez had absolutely no chance of catching the ball nor making a play at second base after fielding it. However, he approached the ball aggressively for no reason and made a fielding error that allowed both base runners to advance to second and third base. David Wright was due up next. With two outs, and first base open, Charlie Manuel decided to intentionally walk David Wright with the intention of bringing J.C. Romero in to face lefty Ike Davis. Terrible. Romero walks people almost twice as often as Kyle Kendrick strikes people out. After falling behind 3-1, Romero grooved a pitch that Ike Davis hit back up the middle for a two run single. Awful decision by Manuel to use Romero in this situation as he was almost guaranteed to let up a run.

Ryan Madson was again used to pitch the 9th down by one run. He didn't look all that sharp yesterday, and it should be expected that if he continues to be used every day, his arm will certainly fall off.

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