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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Game 141: Phils win, Manuel continues to abuse Madson (81-60)

Manuel had a good game tonight until 1 out in the 9th inning. Leading 10-6 with one out and a runner on first, Manuel decided to use Ryan Madson for the 5th time in the past 6 days. Yes, there is an off-day tomorrow, but if he pitches Friday (that is, if he's even available Friday), the team's best reliever will surely be unable to pitch on Saturday.

The score was 10-0 going into the 8th inning, and Manuel decided to sit down Cole Hamels to give him some rest. Good move. He went with Nate Robertson, who he left in the game long enough to give up 6 runs in only 2/3 of an inning. That's fine, because a 4-run lead in the 9th inning wins about 99 times out of 100, according to the run frequency chart. David Herndon got out of the inning, then retired the first batter of the 9th inning. He then walked the second batter. With one out in the 9th inning, up by four runs, you're still at about 99% to win the game. This apparently was not enough for Manuel. Madson entered to get two outs, which he did. Great.

If you were uncomfortable with a four run lead, then why on earth allow Robertson to let up 6 runs? If 4-runs is not enough to avoid using Madson, TAKE ROBERTSON OUT when it's 10-3. use Herndon when it's 10-3 instead of 10-5. Use Contreras. Anybody but Madson.

He is blatantly overworking his bullpen in games that are out of reach. Lidge pitched in back-to-back 4-run games, which then caused him to appear in 5 days out of a 7-day stretch. What happened? He was unavailable for two consecutive games (today and yesterday) due to elbow soreness. Just an awful sign, and this website predicted it.

Hopefully Madson is luckier than Lidge, because with this manager, he'll need it.

Braves win as well.

The Phils have a much-needed off day tomorrow before they go into Citi Field Friday at 7:10 pm when Roy Halladay faces RHP Jenrry Mejia.


Bob said...

Charlie please use this optimum rotation for rest of season after today
9/12 Oswalt vs Mets
9/13 Blanton vs Fla
9/14 Hamels vs Fla
9/15 Halladay vs Fla
9/17 Oswalt vs Nats
9/18 Blanton vs Nats
9/19 Worley/Kendrick vs Nats
9/20 Hamels vs Atl
9/21 Halladay vs Atl
9/22 Oswalt vs Atl
9/24 Blanton vs Mets
9/25 Worley/Kendrick vs Mets
9/26 Hamels vs Mets
9/27 Halladay vs Nats
9/28 Oswalt vs Nats
9/29 Blanton vs Nats
10/1 Hamels vs Atl
10/2 Halladay vs Atl
10/3 Oswalt vs Atl

Andy Musser said...

works for me bob