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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Game 134: Phils allow 20 hits, win (76-58)

So many things happened in this game, so i'm just going to skip ahead to the 8th inning. The Phils were up 12-10 and the batters due up were LHB Todd Helton, the pitcher's spot, and LHB Seth Smith. Antonio Bastardo had already been used, so the only lefty remaining was JC Romero.

However, Carlos Gonzalez, the Rockies power-hitting lefty, was likely going to bat in the 9th inning, so you want to save Romero for him. Manuel decided that the two lefties were enough reason to bring in Romero. It's debatable if you should save him for Gonzalez, but Manuel's mistake was allowing Romero to pitch to the pinch-hitter Clint Barmes after he retired Helton.

He walked Barmes, a righty, on five pitches. THEN Manuel took Romero out because they pinch-hit for Seth Smith. It was obvious that they'd pinch hit for Smith before the inning started; he's like Greg Dobbs in that he never faces lefties. Manuel should have removed Romero after the first batter. Instead, Contreras came in, allowed a hit, and all of a sudden it was two men on and one out. Contreras somehow got out of a bases loaded jam, but it was despite the manager.

All that said, if Ryan Madson hadn't pitched FIVE times in the last six days, he would've been the obvious choice. But for god-knows-what-reason, he pitched in the 5-0 San Diego game in the 9th inning. If he didn't pitch that game (which he absolutely should not have), he would have been availble for this game.

If Lidge blew the save and the game went to 11 innings, Cole Hamels would have had to pitch. Which, leads into my next point. Why are there only 26 players on the roster? The maximum is 40, and their only call-up was catcher Paul Hoover. The Phils dodged a huge bullet today, and they virtually eliminated the Rockies from the wild-card race.

6-1 on the road trip. Incredible.

The Phils face the Milwaukee Brewers at 7:05 tomorrow night when Cole Hamels faces LHP Chris Capuano.


cheesefondue said...

In Sports Center's top 10 plays, this one made the list:
But none of the plays in the bottom of the ninth inning of the Phils game made it:
Nor did any of the home runs hit in the 7th inning, which include a grand slam. There were also about 8 or so common football plays that happen all the time, like interceptions or long passes. Were the Phillies' plays that unimpressive?

Scott Graham said...


Maybe if Utley did this, he would have made top plays.