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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wheeler has pushed me over the edge

Chris Wheeler says dozens of stupid things every game. Part of being a Phillies fan is learning how to ignore him, but he just said something that I can't let go.

He was talking about how good Cole Hamels has been. Correct. Hamels has been very consistent since 2007, despite his bad luck last year. However, when he ran into that bad luck in 2009 (e.g., soft hits, errors, or broken double-play combos), Hamels was always very quick to show his displeasure with his defense. If Chase Utley threw a ball into the dugout on a DP-attempt, Hamels would throw his hands up into the air in disgust. Phillies fans therefore labeled him as mentally soft. And rightfully so.

Today after Hamels' superb start, Hamels looked like he wanted to stay in the game to pitch a full 9 innings. Wheeler then went out of his way to laugh (literally) at the fans' notion that Cole Hamels is soft. He conveniently forgot that when Hamels' defense let him down last year, the mental aspect of his game obviously deteriorated. Wheeler ignored this fact in order to subtly and condescendingly scold the fan-base.

For Wheels to laugh at the fans who pay his salary is arrogant; but for Wheels to laugh at the fans when they are right and he is wrong, well, that's just embarrassing.

- Reason #394 why Chris Wheeler should be fired

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Were only at 394???