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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Phillies must pitch Hamels on Wednesday, Halladay on Thursday

The Phillies have an off-day Monday. This means that they can pitch Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, and Roy Halladay against the San Francisco Giants this week. OSwalt would be throwing on an extra days' rest, and the other two would still be on normal rest. Each Giants' game, in the context of the wild-card race, is essentially twice as valuable as a win over a team like the Nationals (who the Phils face next). If the team stays with the current rotation, Kyle Kendrick [edit: Blanton pitches, Wednesday, not KK] would pitch against the Giants while Halladay would face the Nationals.

The fact that this game is against the wild-card leader means they must throw Halladay on Thursday. It is literally a no-brainer. If the Phils fail to adjust the rotation, they will undoubtedly decrease their chances at the wild-card.

However, the Phillies will probably take the conservative approach by allowing Roy Halladay an extra day off. It's unfortuante, but that's my guess.

Hopefully Manuel doesn't mess this up.


cheesefondue said...

He will.

Anonymous said...

The Phils have 24 games in the 23 days following their off day Monday, Manuel will without a doubt let Halladay have an extra day off before the 24/23 stretch.

Craig Mactavish

I forgot my password

Anonymous said...

I wasn't saying you were wrong, I was just pointing out what he will do.


Andy Musser said...

agreed, craig

cheesefondue said...

Looks like Manuel made the right decision, according to today's newspaper.

Andy Musser said...

where did you read that? if possible, post a link. according to the daily news, blanton is still scheduled for wednesday.