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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Game 128: Phils win in extras (71-57)

Jimmy Rollins led off again last night, despite having a pretty below average OBP. However, he did have a good game including making an insane slide that was good enough to beat the tag and give the Phillies the lead for good.

Roy Oswalt pitched great, and went 8 innings while only giving up 1 ER.

Manuel went to Lidge in the 9th for the save, and he allowed the leadoff batter Stairs to reach base. He got the next two outs, which brought Adrian Gonzalez to the plate with a man on second. Manuel elected to intentionally walk Gonzalez. This isn't the worst decision he could have made (letting Lidge try to pitch to Gonzalez), but he probably should have brought J.C. Romero in to face Gonzalez. Both JCR and Madson had been warming up in the bullpen, and had J.C. walked Gonzalez, Manuel could have used Madson to pitch to Ludwick to try and get the final out.

The Padres tied the game up on a bases load walk by Lidge.

The Phillies won in 12 on a single by Polanco.

Today, the Phillies face Jon Garland. Garland has a good ERA this year, but he averages 4.1 BB/9 IP which is gross. The Phillies need to be patient at the plate today. The first inning did not look good in that respect as Garland only threw 7 pitches.

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