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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Game 127: Swept by Houston (70-57)

The Phils were swept by the Houston Astros when they lost 5-1 this afternoon. Kyle Kendrick pitched poorly again, and Charlie Manuel continues to be shocked by the lineup's struggles even though he keeps batting Jimmy Rollins at the top of the order.

He didn't really make any other mistakes today; when the lineup scores so few runs in a series it's tougher than usual to find something the manager did wrong.

They are now 0.5 games behind San Francisco and 3 behind Atlanta; if the Cardinals win tonight they will also pull ahead of the Phils. Unfortunately, three games against San Diego are next. Winning this series would be an unbelievable jolt for the team, not only for the standings, but because of their upcoming schedule. Their next 6 series are against these teams: LA, Milwaukee, Florida, New York, Florida and Washington. I know they haven't performed well lately against poor teams, but that's a good stretch of games heading into their next series against Atlanta.

The Phils face the best team in the NL tomorrow night when Roy Oswalt faces RHP Mat Latos, who has a sub-1.00 WHIP.

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