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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Game 126: Phils lose 3rd in a row (70-56)

The Phillies missed a huge opportunity to gain a game on the Braves, Giants, and Cardinals today when they dropped another 3-2 game to Houston. All three teams had lost already before the Phils went final.

The offense struggled again, and Charlie Manuel buried Carlos Ruiz in the lineup yet again while keeping his two worst performers this year, Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins, at the top of the order. The more often Ruiz gets fewer PAs than Rollins/Victorino, the more they will struggle.

With runners on first and third in the 7th inning trailing 3-2, Jimmy Rollins came to the plate. The Astros then inserted a RHP into the game, and with Ryan Howard available, it was a golden opportunity to use Howard against a righty with the go-ahead run on base. Instead, Manuel went with Rollins, who is obviously much worse against RHP than Howard. Wilson Valdez was still available to play shortstop anyway, and Howard could have stayed in the game in a double switch. It's too bad Manuel never thinks outside the box. Francisco was picked off in that situation anyway, but not before Rollins did nothing with 2 strikes. Howard may have turned one of those two into a base hit to tie the game.

Manuel was not good, but the players were terrible.

Tomorrow the Phils try to avoid a sweep when Kyle Kendrick faces LHP Wandy Rodriguez at 1:05.

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