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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Game 121: Phils get win with only 4 hits (69-52)

Roy Halladay went 7 innings tonight and allowed 0 ER, but did give up 8 Hs, 3 BBs, and a balk. For Halladay this type of outing is only mediocre.

Clearly not much to talk about in terms of offense, as the Phillies struggled to cash in on 8 baserunners against Jason Marquis the owner of a 14 something ERA prior to tonight's game. Manuel's lineup was okay if you eliminate the thought of moving Ruiz out of the 8 hole which both Mr. Musser and I have mentioned numerous times. He gets on base far too often to be hitting in front of the pitcher and J-Roll.

As far as Charlie Manuel's in game decisions (pitching moves), he used Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge tonight. Of course, he inserted Madson in the 8th inning (he is the 8th inning guy!!), and used Brad Lidge to get the save in the 9th (he is the "closer"). The 8th inning began with the Nats' 5th hitter. Knowing that the next two innings will definitely include 5 (LHB), 6 (RHB), 7 (RHB), 8 (LHB),9 (PH, probably will bat LH), and 1 (LHB), I probably would have used J.C. Romero to pitch to Bernadina, and then put Lidge in to face Morse and Ivan Rodriguez. Then, regardless of the outcome, I probably would have inserted Ryan Madson to pitch until the end of the 9th inning.

This is kind of a stretch to expect Charlie Manuel to do this, but it is how I would have handled the situation. As it stood, Manuel used Lidge to pitch to switch (LHB), left, right, and left (Adam Dunn) to try and win the game. Lidge got the job done, but recorded outs on 2 hard hit balls, gave up a double that was CRUSHED, and then luckily struck out Dunn to end the game.

Tomorrow, Kyle Kendrick will face Stephen Strasburg.

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