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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Game 117: Phillies take series in NY (66-51)

The Phillies are 15 games over .500 after they took the final game in the set vs. the New York National League team. Kyle Kendrick pitched decently. He went 6.2 innings, and allowed 6 hits and a walk.

Like Mr. Musser, I am not a huge fan of Charlie's lineup tonight. I really hope Chase Utley and Ryan Howard do come back Tuesday night. Aside from the obvious reason, these two are the only reasons on the team why Jayson Werth should be batting as low as 5th. He is currently the Phillies best batter in the lineup. Possibly taking away a plate appearance at the end of the game due to his slot halfway through the lineup is insane.

Manuel correctly used Chad Durbin and Ryan Madson in relief tonight to get to the 9th inning. However, once the 9th inning rolled around, 3 LHBs were due up: Ike Davis, Chris Carter, and Josh Thole. All of these players are young and inexperienced, the type of hitters Brad Lidge usually has good success against. Knowing all of this, I was still torn as to who should be on the mound in the bottom of the 9th. This is the only reason you have J.C. Romero on your roster: to face LHBs (especially a string of them). If he's not going to pitch in the 9th tonight, when is he going to pitch? Luckily, Brad Lidge retired the side in 9 pitches, and he recorded his 16th save of the season.

Tuesday night the Phillies open their series with the Giants as Roy Oswalt will face LHP Barry Zito. It is VERY important that Manuel moves Cole Hamels and Roy Halladay up to ensure the Phillies top three go against their Wild Card foes.

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