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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Game 116: Phillies snap their scoreless streak at Citi Field (65-51)

The Phillies scored 1 earned run tonight against Pat Misch. They did win, however, by a score of 4-0 thanks to two errors by Ruben Tejada and David Wright. They had one extra base hit on the night, and it was Greg Dobbs in the bottom of the 9th off of Strike-Rod (hilarious).

As for Charlie's strategic decisions on the evening, I do not understand why he bats Mike Sweeney 4th in front of Jayson Werth. There is no reason for it. He's a decent hitter, and a great pick up after Ryan Howard went down, but Werth is a very good batter. Halladay went 8 innings, and only allowed 4 base runners which in turn limited the amount of in-game decisions Manuel had to make. I don't mind Manuel using Ryan Madson in the 9th up by 4 runs. He hadn't pitched since Wednesday night, and the heart of the Mets lineup was due up. He bent but did not break. He loaded the bases, and escaped the inning without allowing a run. All three outs were strikeouts. He clearly should be pitching in the most high leverage situations for the Phillies.

Tomorrow the Phillies attempt to win the series in NY as Kyle Kendrick faces ambidextrous TBA [edit: RHP Mike Pelfrey].

See Mr. Musser's post below for an important message regarding the Phillies series vs. the Giants.

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