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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Game 112: Manuel gives up in 5th inning (62-50)

The Phillies scored 9 runs last night but lost because Manuel decided a combination of Kyle Kendrick, David Herndon, and Antonio Bastardo were the right pitchers in a pennant race. The Phils had an off-day Monday, and instead of using that to their advantage by skipping Kendrick's start entirely, they decided to trot out their worst pitcher anyway. He got shelled by a lineup full of lefties, which is no surprise, because he is awful against lefties. Any manager who faces Kendrick should stack his lineup with as many lefties as possible. Managers are starting to get the message.

When the score was 7-1 Dodgers, Manuel decided that despite his extra pitcher in the bullpen (Bastardo was activated in place of outfielder John Mayberry), that it was necessary to pitch Herndon more than one inning. Absurd. Herndon has been awful this year and it was a miracle he got through the 5th inning without allowing any runs. When Manuel inexplicably removed Carlos Ruiz in a double switch specifically to keep his worst bullpen pitcher in the game, he essentially forfeited to the Dodgers. The score was 7-4 going into the top of the 6th, and Herndon allowed four runs to put the game out of reach. Herndon should have been pinch-hit for in the bottom of the 5th, and Chad Durbin should have pitched the 6th and 7th innings. If that happened, the Phils may have actually won the game 9-7 or 9-8. At the very least, they would not have been blown out.

It was a mistake to start Kendrick. They are not in the playoffs right now. Whenever the Phils have a chance to optimize their rotation, they must take advantage. But, as evidenced by yesterday's game and the decision to rest Halladay until the Sunday after the all-star break, it is clear that the Phillies' decision-makers are not trying all they can do to win the NL East. Unacceptable.

The Phils look to avoid a series loss when Roy Oswalt faces RHP Chad Billingsley at 7:05 pm.

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