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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Game 111: Bullpen actually wins one for Halladay (62-49)

The Phils scored 6 quick runs off R.A. Dickey, but Roy Halladay nearly gave the lead away in the seventh inning by allowing three runs to cut the lead to 6-5. However, Ryan Madson came on in the 8th to pitch to the 4-5-6 hitters in the Mets' order, and he retired all three. Brad Lidge then pitched to the bottom of the order in the 9th. I'm almost certain that this was unintended by Manuel (he just let Madson pitch the 8th because he's the "8th inning guy" rather than giving him the better hitters), but it's always good when Madson faces the best hitters than Lidge.

Against Dickey, Manuel loaded his lineup with lefties, and it paid off when the Phils put up 5 runs in the third inning. Certainly a better game for Manuel than last night.

The Phillies are now only 0.5 games behind the Giants for the last playoff-spot, and they're two games behind Atlanta in the NL East. Tuesday night at 7:05 pm the Phils open a 3-game series with the Dodgers when Kyle Kendrick faces RHP Vicente Padilla.

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