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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Game 105: Sweep avoided (57-48)

The Phillies managed to pull out an extra inning win today against the Nats.

No complaints about the lineup today. Manuel used J.C. Romero to start the 8th inning today, against L,R,L. Not the worst thing considering Ian Desmond's OPS is .687. After walking Adam Dunn with 2 outs, Manuel correctly brought in Madson to face Zimmerman. He then stuck with Madson in the 9th inning with the score tied at 4. Obviously no complaints.

I do find fault with the way Manuel approached the 10th inning. I'm glad he didn't use Lidge, but I'm not happy with the reasoning. If Lidge is the Phillies closer (their "best" reliever), then he should be pitching as soon as possible in a clutch situation. It's absurd to have your best pitcher sit there hoping the offense will score a run before your less than best relievers give up a run. We've been over this before. Manuel also let Contreras skate on thin ice with Adam Dunn at the plate, 2 outs, and a runner at third base. In my opinion he definitely should have walked both Dunn and Zimmerman to load the bases creating a force at any base for Willingham. However, Contreras struck out Dunn to retire the side.

The Phillies took the lead in the next inning thanks to an AWFUL call by first base umpire, Doug Eddings. Par for this umpiring crew (C.B. Bucknor, HP ump, was terrible all day and he wore a different color shirt than the other umps. He's probably my new most hated umpire). Polanco and Werth had huge hits in the 11th to give the Phils a two run lead.

Lidge came in to retire the Nats in order for his 11th save.

If only Manuel could have chosen to sit Howard today instead of yesterday which would have given him 2 consecutive days off, and he probably wouldn't have gotten injured today. Hold your breaths and hope for the best.

The Phillies are off tomorrow, and resume play Tuesday in Florida when Roy Halladay faces Sean West.

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