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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Manuel butchers lineup

When I heard that Shane Victorino went to the DL and Domonic Brown (LHB) would be called up, I told Mr. Graham that my only hope for the lineup was that Manuel wouldn't put three lefties in a row or four out of five. I also told him that he'd probably do it anyway. Turns out, he did both.

Polanco-Dobbs (!)- Ibanez-Howard-Werth-Brown-Ruiz-Valdez-Halladay


Ruiz is about ten times better than Dobbs, yet Dobbs hits second while Ruiz has to hit seventh. He has a .390 OBP this year (compared to Dobbs' .271). If Ruiz isn't out of the 7th hole now, he never will be. Unfortunate.

Hopefully this lineup is a one-shot deal.

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Scott Graham said...

Don't tell everyone about how when you told me there would be 3 LHBs in a row, or 4 out of 5, that I told you Dobbs would bat 2nd. Real cool man. Reallllll cool. To be honest, if I thought it out, I could have predicted exactly what the lineup would have been. Dobbs was the hard part, but Manuel has done it multiple times this year.