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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In defense of Michael Vick

I hated Michael Vick. I hate Beamer Ball, I hate quarterbacks who can't throw, and my least favorite NFL regular season game was probably the 2005 NFL opener where Michael Vick got preferential treatment over Donovan McNabb. I despised Vick when he was with Atlanta. I hated his overrated-ness so much that when he ended up going to prison, I laughed. However, when I read all the facts about his case (as in, he ended up serving more time than a normal citizen would have for the same charges), I figured that he had paid his debt to society. He was a young rich kid surrounded by poor friends, and he made mistakes. Felonious mistakes.

He deservedly served over a year in prison.

Then he left prison, and the Philadelphia Eagles gave him a job.

Once the Eagles give him a job, they MUST treat him equally with his peers. If Victor Abiamiri hosted a birthday party where gunshots were fired after he left, that wouldn't even make the newspapers. Vick hosted a party, and when he saw another felon in attendance, he left. Gunshots occurred afterwards. Shouldn't he be praised for his self-control to walk away from trouble? Not only did he break no law, he didn't even violate his probation which stated that he can't hang out with other convicted felons. Once he realized another one was there, he left his own party. If that's not self-control, I don't know what is.

The people who are giving the Eagles a hard time (namely, journalists who didn't agree with the Vick signing 12 months ago) are skewing facts and misleading their audience. Vick is seen as a bad guy and an irrelevant player, but I'm guessing he's neither.

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