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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Game 97: Phils hand Ubaldo his 2nd loss of the season (51-46)

I should have bet money on today's game. I strongly believed the Phillies would win in convincing fashion (yet another example of my ability to see the Phillies' future); however, it was probably just a wild hunch that shouldn't have come to fruition. Kyle Kendrick pitched very well today going 7 innings and allowing just 1 run. Ubaldo went 2+ and gave up 6 ERs.

The Phillies had a very solid game at the plate. People took pitches when they should have (aside from Kendrick swinging 1st pitch following 2 walks with 2 outs), they swung well when they swung, and they tallied 10 runs.

Howard and Rollins had triples, Raul had a homer, Jayson Werth reached base 4 of 5 times at the plate (including a hard hit double).

No much to say about strategy in a game that was over after the 3rd inning.

The Phillies CANNOT trade Jayson Werth. They will most likely lose any deal they make at this point as Mr. Musser pointed out last night. Getting Roy Oswalt would be nice, but should not be done at the expense of losing J-Dubs. This season is not over, and if they lose Werth, their only power bat from the right hand side will be gone. I'm extremely confused as to which people want Jayson Werth to leave town. He got cheers when announced for every at-bat the last two days (I was at both games), and late in this afternoon's game, the remaining fans on the first base line broke out in a loud Jay-son Werth chant. I did hear one idiot at each game (both sat directly behind me) screaming "SWING THE BAT" each time he watched a strike go by. Get a clue.

Phils are 6 back in the division and 3.5 back in the WC.

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