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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Game 96: Roy Halladay must have been confused (50-46)

Roy Halladay started 20 games for the Phillies this season before tonight's game. His run support? The Phillies have averaged 3.95 RPG in Halladay's appearances. That's garbage. In 70% of Halladay's starts, the Phils have score 3 runs or fewer. 6 games the Phillies have scored 6 or more runs. He had 10 Ws going into tonight's game (11 now). Outrageous.

Tonight, the Phillies gave him some offensive support by scoring 6 runs. In 8 innings, Halladay completely shut down the Rockies, as he and Romero combined for the shutout (now 2 consecutive shutouts).

Some good things to point out from the manager tonight. Manuel started Ross Gload in RF and shifted Werth to play CF in place of Victorino. Even though Gload has good career numbers vs Cook (probably lack predictive value due to small sample size), it is nice to think that Manuel might occasionally glance at stats to make intelligent decisions. It was also a good move to PH Ben Francisco for Gload when the Rockies brought in LHP Randy Flores, who walked Howard and Werth to make it 1st and 2nd with 0 outs.

Manuel really needs to learn how to institute a take sign however. In the 4th inning, Aaron Cook walked Werth, Gload, and Ruiz (intentionally following a balk) consecutively to load the bases. Wilson Valdez grounded out to the third baseman on the first pitch.

He also somehow poorly managed his bullpen in a 5 run game where the pen was only needed for one inning. He used J.C. Romero to pitch the entire 9th inning. A 5 run game in the 9th is virtually official. Yes, the Phillies had somewhat of a chance to blow the game, but it's unlikely. Combine that with the fact that the Rockies have a wealth of LHBs on the team that can hurt the Phillies, and J.C. Romero could become very valuable over the next four days against back-to-back hitters like CarGo and Jason Giambi. Using him unnecessarily could render him unavailable in a crucial situation later this series.

Apparently firing Milt Thompson worked. I don't think the move impacted the team positively or negatively, but I was upset to see Amaro use a member of 93 Phillies as the scapegoat for the team's recently inexcusable poor play.

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