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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Game 88: Manuel fails at his job, managing resources (47-41)

The Phillies got smoked tonight in their first game back after the All-Star break. This was due in large part to Manuel's decision to start Jamie Moyer. Roy Halladay pitched Saturday, and thus would have been on 4 days rest (full rest) had he pitched today. I don't really need to explain to anyone that he is the Phillies best pitcher do I? Yes, he pitched in the AS game, but as I've been saying all along, the game being on Tuesday fit perfectly into Halladay's schedule. Tuesday would have been his throwing day, and he would have pitched regardless. Instead, Manuel trotted Moyer out for the start, and madness ensued.

After Moyer got behind, Manuel used Herndon to pitch to the bottom of the Cubs lineup in the 4th (he threw 10 pitches), Kendrick to face the heart of the Cubs lineup in the 5th (he threw 10 pitches), Durbin in the 6th (8 pitches), Contreras (who I must have jinxed terribly last week), Baez, and Madson (down 10?! He threw 1 pitch).

Had Manuel used Halladay today, "he could have made 16 post AS break starts all on full rest. Currently, he is on pace to pitch 15 times unless he pitches multiple times on short rest.... Just as absurd to give your oldest pitcher the first game back," (Musser).

Managers in all fields are supposed to be good at managing their resources (usually people). Manuel knows how to treat his players, but doesn't understand strategy necessary to maximize the team's success.

One a brighter note: Ryan Howard hit two absolute bombs tonight. He really does like the "second half".

I am starting a theoretical campaign to trade Victorino (Ibanez is too unrealistic) in an attempt to free up cap to be able to sign Werth in the off-season. Spread the word.

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