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Friday, July 9, 2010

Game 85: Phillies are too predictable (45-40)

Some people have gifts. Mine? I have a strange ability to feel/predict what the Phillies are about to do (re: my seeing Jimmy Rollins killing the Dodgers' hopes against Broxton last fall). I was pretty sure going into the 9th that the Phils would complete a 6 run comeback. Howard's bloop hit to left closing the gap to 7-2 sealed the deal for me. Mr. Musser's gift? Being able to read exactly what will happen upon bat making contact with the ball. Enough about us though, the real heroes tonight are the Phillies for not giving up.

It wasn't pretty, but the Phillies ensured a series split against the NL Central leading Reds tonight. Blanton had a terrible outing and mocked the fans tonight by tipping his cap as he walked off the field to boos. He didn't pitch well, the fielders didn't field well, and the base running was suspect at times.

Like Mr. Musser I fully agree that Jayson Werth should be splitting Ibanez and Howard up. However, not even Arthur Rhodes could stop the two lefties tonight as it seemed the Phils would not be stopped. I also partly questioned Manuel's use of J.C. Romero in the 9th inning tonight in a 6-run game when the Phillies only have 1 lefty in the pen against a pretty strong left handed lineup, and two games remaining in the series. I don't hold it against him too much due to the extra-inning game last night partially depleting the Phils pen.

Roy Halladay goes tomorrow against LHP Travis Wood.

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