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Friday, July 9, 2010

Game 84: Schneider's homer beats the Reds (44-40)

Despite some poor managing by Charlie Manuel last night, the Phils took the first of their 4-game set against Cincinnati by a 4-3 score in 12 innings. Manuel made no mistakes with the pitching decisions, but his lineup was not efficient.

Jayson Werth, who is having his best statistical season of his career thus far, batted 5th behind lefties Raul Ibanez and Ryan Howard. This came back to haunt the Phillies in the bottom of the ninth. Ibanez, Howard, and Werth were due up. Obviously, manager Dusty Baker inserted a lefty to pitch to Ibanez and Howard, then brought in a righty for Werth. At this point, the Reds had only one lefty remaining, so if Manuel put Werth between Howard and Ibanez (which he always should until Utley returns), the Phils would have had at least one opposite matchup in that inning. The Phils went down in order that inning.

Manuel made more mistakes in the bottom of the 10th. With the score tied, Juan Castro walked to lead off. Then, Wilson Valdez attempted a bunt on the first pitch. After a walk, you should force the pitcher to throw a strike whether you are bunting or not. Valdez fouled off the attempt, then fouled off the next bunt as well. On the 0-2 pitch, Manuel made the genius decision to have Castro try to steal second. He was out by a mile. Valdez singled on the next pitch. The run frequency chart proves that a sacrifice in that situation is wrong, and when you consider the leadoff walk and the steal-attempt, Manuel entirely butchered that inning.

The bullpen and Schneider, however, bailed him out.

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