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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Game 82: Hamels failed again by bats (43-39)

The Phillies only contributed three hits in Tuesday night's game. Simply unacceptable. However, due to Cole's strong start, the Phillies were in the game late.

A couple of complaints for Charlie. First, top of the 8th, tie ball game. Chipper Jones was on third, Troy Glaus was on first with 0 outs and Yunel Escobar at bat. The bottom of the lineup was due up for the Phillies in the bottom of the 8th inning, and most likely, if necessary, Wagner would be used in the 9th. So, there is a very slim chance the struggling Phillies would not score for the next two innings. Knowing this, it's insane for Charlie Manuel to play the middle infielders at double play depth. You need to keep the game tied, and as such, the infield should have been in. Nevertheless, Manuel and the Phillies lucked out by Escobar hitting a sharp grounder to third, and Chipper Jones was tagged out. Manuel escapes unscathed.

Brad Lidge was then used to pitch the 9th inning, which he did quite successfully. He threw 12 pitches. My next question: Why not use him to at least start the 10th? He pitched well, and Manuel decided to try to squeeze two innings out of David Herndon, which ultimately led to their demise the other night. It's insane that Herndon retired the "heart" of the Braves lineup in so few pitches in the 10th last night. In my opinion, Manuel failed to optimize his bullpen.

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