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Monday, July 5, 2010

Game 81: Halladay at the top of his game, thankfully (43-38)

Roy Halladay was pretty much as good as a pitcher can be tonight as he went 9 innings on fewer than 100 pitches. He simply dominated the Braves lineup. It's a really good thing that he was essentially perfect tonight because the beleaguered Phillies lineup struggled to score runs against Derek Lowe.

I have a huge problem with Jayson Werth batting 5th in this injured lineup. He gets on base far more frequently than any other current Phillies starter. It seems to be a waste to me to have him getting on base in front of the minor leaguers currently filling the bottom of the lineup. Grag Dobbs seems to be turning it around, but I would still trust Howard, Ibanez, Victorino and/or Rollins to bat better than Valdez, Dobbs, and Sardinha. I think Werth should bat 2nd or 3rd with Howard and Victorino/Ibanez batting 5th.

I think it was pretty obvious when Charlie Manuel used Juan Castro to pinch hit against the lefty instead of Ben Francisco that a suicide squeeze was imminent. I don't like Juan Castro, and he probably shouldn't be allowed to play. You must do everything in your power to make contact on a suicide squeeze, and the ball was so far inside that he probably could have intentionally gotten hit by the ball to avoid leaving Ibanez out to dry.

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