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Monday, July 5, 2010

Game 80: Huge 7th for Pirates spell doom for the Phils (42-39)

Joe Blanton had a rough first inning before settling in for a few innings on Sunday. The Phillies had a decent offensive showing despite playing with 3 minor leaguers in their lineup. Jose Contreras was forced to come into the the game with runners on base and he had a rare hiccup for this season.

Two questionably calls could have greatly aided the Pirates on Sunday. The first came in the first inning on a play at the plate where it seemed like Dane Sardinha had blocked the plate sufficiently. The only chance the runner had at being safe was if his toe touched the closest corner of the plate before the tag was applied. Otherwise, Sardinha' foot placement prevented him from ever touching the plate. I was at the game, so the replay on the big screen was hard to see.

The even harder replay to see was the one that wasn't shown in the 7th inning. Jose Tabata appeared to have stolen second base until he possibly over slid the bag and Rollins held the tag on him. Rollins didn't argue much, but from where I was sitting it sure seemed like he argued a little bit about Tabata being off the bag. Had he been called out, and everything subsequently occurred in the same manner, the score would have only been 6-5 Bucs.

I don't like Pittsburgh fans (surprise, surprise)

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