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Friday, July 2, 2010

Game 78: Phils can't do anything offensively, I take a beating by means of small wooden bat (41-37)

Jamie Moyer did a sufficient job on the mound tonight, but the Phillies offense hung him out to dry. The only run the Pirates scored came on a bases loaded nub of a hit by the pitcher that Jamie Moyer subsequently threw away. The Phils lineup tonight was an interesting one, but with the players who were chosen to start, I don't disagree with the order. Rollins, Ibanez, Werth, Howard, Francisco, Dobbs, Valdez, Sardinha. My question is: Why sit Victorino? Not a huge deal, maybe he's well overdue for a break, but I don't get it. Tomorrow a lefty is pitching (Paul Maholm), so I hope Manuel sits Ibanez in favor of Ben Francisco. If he doesn't choose to sit Ibanez, then sitting Victorino tonight was a huge mistake. Francisco is much more valuable against a LHP than a RHP so if you're just choosing a day to sit Victorino then he picked the wrong day.

Pittsburgh fans are kind of dense. Taunting me as if tonight's win means something. Even if the Pirates sweep the Phils, what does it matter? They haven't had a winning season in over 15 years. The people behind me also hit me kind of hard in the head with a small souvenir wooden bat. I was somewhat phased, but I'm alive.

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