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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Braves downgrade when trying to upgrade

Thank God the Phillies are surrounded in their division by GMs/teams that help their organizations implode from year to year.

Today, the Braves made a trade to "immediately upgrade their offense". In a 5 player deal, the Braves received:

Alex Gonzalez- 33 yr old Career: .248/.294/.402 hitter (2010- 17 HRs, .259/.296/.497)
Tyler Pastornicky- 20 yr old A+ SS
Tim Collins- 20 yr. old 5'7" - 155 lb relief pitcher with a 1.094 career minor league WHIP

The Blue Jays received:

Yunel Escobar- 27 yr old Career: .291/.368/.403 hitter who is struggling this season
Jo-Jo Reyes- A living, breathing body to add to their roster, who will most likely pitch worse than Juan Castro hits

Yes Gonzalez has 17 HRs this year, but I don't believe a 33-year old SS who has had 1 season of over 20 HRs will continue that pace. Even in his best offensive season of his career, Gonzalez has a .296 OBP! That's Pedro Feliz-like. To make matters worse, based on range factor (and using age to back it up) Yunel Escobar is a better defensive SS. While Tim Collins is smaller than Jimmy Rollins and lighter than Sarge's left leg, he does seem to have success, and could be the biggest part of the trade for the Braves.

I say the Blue Jays clearly came out victorious, especially if they can convince Jo-Jo Reyes to go for a walk and change the locks on the stadium doors.

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