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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Game 66: Phillies fans are a disgrace (35-31)

Cole Hamels had a decent start last Saturday in which he lasted 7 innings. The Phillies again knocked the Twins starter out after just 1.2 IP. The Phillies hit a good deal of homers in the game, and the Phillies were ahead 9-4 going into the top of the 9th inning. That being said, many people would think the Phillies would win the game. However, things started going downhill when the home team fans gave Jim Thome a standing ovation in the 9th, and resumed the cheering after he hit a 2-run homer in the AB (?!?!?!). I was out of my mind. The guy got traded like 5 years ago, and the fans still haven't realized it. 9-6. Now a save situation, Brad Lidge was brought in to face Jason Kubel with Nick Punto on first base (no standing ovation for him in the series). Long story short the bullpen shit the bed including a blown save by Brad Lidge. Ross Gload tied the game up in the bottom of the 10th (Mr. Musser called this homer by the way). Danys Baez blew the game in the 11th. He stinks.

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