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Friday, June 11, 2010

Game 57: Phillies score double digits (31-26)

The struggling Phillies managed a pretty impressive comeback after a poor start by Kyle Kendrick. The Phils were down 4-0 through the top of the 4th inning due to two homers hit by Gaby Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez. Due to the recent skid by the home team, I certainly thought the game was probably out of reach. However, the Phils had one of their best offensive games in a while.

Raul was 4/5 on the night, and the entire lineup's OBP was 19/42. The biggest hit of the night was a two out single delivered by Ben Francisco (who started over Jayson Werth) in the bottom of the 8th that resulted in 2 runs that gave the Phils a 9-8 lead. In my opinion, Fredi Gonzalez should be questioned for choosing to pitch to Ben Francisco with a lefty on the mound, first base open, and Raul Ibanez on deck.

Brad Lidge looked pretty decent again in the 9th inning despite shaky calls by the home plate umpire (a common theme throughout the game).

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