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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Game 54: Moyer struggles early, bats alive again? (30-24)

Jamie Moyer threw a complete game for the 2nd time this season tonight. He recorded 27 outs while only throwing 98 pitches. Pretty economical outing by the 47 year old. Tonight seemed like it was going to be a long night when Moyer gave up 5 hits in the 2nd inning that resulted in 2 runs. However, he quickly righted the ship and only allowed 2 hits the rest of the way.

Tonight might have also been the night the Phillies end their long slump. They recorded 10 hits, and scored 6 runs for the first time in a couple weeks. The first five batters went 8 for 20, and Jayson Werth hit a home run on a swing where he threw the bat and tucked his head in disgust (he probably got some help from the warm weather).

No complaints for the manager tonight. Good batting order (Ruiz 7th). No pitching decisions.

I feel the need to complain about Wheeler tonight. Something new, I know. I absolutely HATE when Chris Wheeler insinuates that "a hitter was trying to make an out, and sometimes they get a better result." NEVER, EVER does a batter (non-pitcher) swing and try to get out. Yes, sometimes there are more optimal places than others to hit a ball like the right side when trying to advance a runner from 1st-3rd, from 2nd-3rd, or 3rd-home. However, as a former player, and someone who can easily use logic, a batter will never TRY to get out. A player will try to get a hit in a direction that will provide a decent result should he make an out. Sarge has tried to explain this on the air several times, but Chris Wheeler who has been watching baseball games as a profession for more than 40 years cannot wrap his little brain around this idea.

The Phillies go for a series victory tomorrow as Joe Blanton takes on Kevin Correia.

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