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Friday, June 4, 2010

Game 51: Phillies cut Figueroa one day before they need him (28-23)

The Phils lost Tuesday night in Atlanta, thanks to the Braves' decision to start the game despite an impending rain delay, Cole Hamels' home run allowed to Troy Glaus, and the Phils' lack of a long reliever in the bullpen. It is the home team's decision whether to start the game, but, once the game is started, it is up to the umpires to stop the game due to weather. This doesn't really make any sense, because home teams can easily manipulate certain situations. The Mets postponed a game a couple years ago in order to set up their rotation for a 4-game series against the Phils, and Tuesday the Braves started the game in order to get Hamels out of the game early. It worked. Hamels allowed a 3-run homer in a driving rain in the first inning, then the umpires decided to halt play. Hamels was done after the rain delay without finishing one inning. Since the Phils cut Nelson Figueroa, their only long relief option was Chad Durbin, who had pitched 23 innings in 21 appearances at the time. Predictably, Durbin allowed three more runs and the game was over.

I wish I could fault Manuel for using a 1-inning guy to pitch over 2 innings, but I suppose the blame lies on the GM for taking the team's only legitimate long reliever off the roster. Where's Clay Condrey where you need him?

The Phils only scored three runs, and the fact that Juan Castro and Wilson Valdez both hit in front of Carlos Ruiz did not help at all. 7-3 final.

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