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Monday, May 31, 2010

Game 49: Phils still in rut (28-21)

Jamie Moyer had a decent outing today against the fish, but yet again, the lineup was absolutely terrible. The Phillies recorded 4 hits on the day, and failed to scratch out a run. After today, the Phillies have scored 19 runs in the previous 12 games. That's simply embarrassing, and I fully expect the hitting to turn around soon.

Much to my dismay, when the team plays this poorly, it doesn't really provide me or Mr. Musser with much to talk about because not too many in-game decisions need to be made.

The lineup contained only 4 starters with OPSes over .700. Maybe it should be completely expected that the Phillies haven't been able to score runs lately.

Lets go Flyers


cheesefondue said...

Seems like every time I make a comment about how the Phils are doing, they turn around and start doing the opposite. Today is June 1st; let's hope they start off June the way they started off May.

Scott Graham said...

I'm confused. You just said they do the opposite of what you say. The Phillies started out May going 6-1 and scored 44 runs in the first 7 games. Do you want them to go 1-6 and score -44 runs?

cheesefondue said...

When we were slumping last month I commented on how poorly we've been playing, then we got hot. Then I commented on how hot we were, then we started slumping again. I'm hoping that by posting a third time the Phils can reverse hits rut. By opposite I meant how good and bad are opposites, not how 44 and -44 are opposites

cheesefondue said...

this* (not hits)... I also had to add this post immediately after the other to offset the fact that it was an additional post to my third one. Can't take any chances.

Scott Graham said...

My comment was kind of a joke. I know you meant good and bad as opposites, that's why when you say "you want them to start June like they started May," after you acknowledged they do the opposite of what you say, I got confused. Because when you say you want them to start June like May (well), they probably won't.