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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Game 38: Lineup fails Halladay (24-14)

Roy Halladay did not pitch his A-game tonight, allowing 9 hits and one walk through 9 innings. He managed to hold the Pirates to only two runs, but the Phils were shut down by Zach Duke in the 2-1 loss. Chase Utley was held out of the lineup again tonight. Jimmy Rollins, who should not be in the top half of this lineup, batted third for the second straight game, going 0 for 4 on the night.

Charlie Manuel left Halladay in the game to bat with a runner on first with one out in the seventh inning. I don't disagree with this call for two reasons: the Phils have a shortened bench due to Utley; and Halladay is a better pitcher than anyone in the Phils' bullpen. He failed to advance the runner, but with the way the Phils hit tonight, it's likely this decision was moot.

Rollins should never bat third. With Ibanez held out of the lineup due to the lefty Duke, Rollins should have batted 5th or lower. Throwing Rollins in the middle of Victorino-Polanco-Howard-Werth creates a weakened top half of the lineup. Hopefully we see Utley out there tomorrow.

The Phils try to recover from their split with Pittsburgh when the Cubs come into town as LHP Jamie Moyer faces LHP Tom Gorzellany.

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