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Monday, May 10, 2010

Game 31: Hamels struggles, but Phils win series over Braves (19-12)

Cole Hamels pitched 5 innings yesterday afternoon, allowing 3 runs on 8 hits. He managed to hang on for the 5-3 victory, thanks to 4 perfect innings from the Phils' bullpen. Charlie Manuel, unlike Saturday afternoon, managed very well. He did not leave in Hamels too long, and the bullpen backed him up.

The Phils knocked 3 home runs off RHP Kenshin Kawakami, and Brad Lidge recorded his first save of the season. So far, we've seen some good signs from Lidge. If he comes even close to where he was in 2008, the bullpen will be just fine.

Tonight at 8:40 pm the Phils visit Colorado when RHP Kyle Kendrick faces LHP Greg Smith.


Joe said...

Hey Scott/Andy,

What are your thoughts on the Phils steaking signs in Colorado?

Is it okay or is it cheating??

Andy Musser said...

There is no rule against stealing signs, provided that you don't use any cameras or recording devices in the process (at least that is how I understand the rules). Nothing in the rule-book forbids stealing signs. If Colorado is dumb enough to use a consistent pattern, then I would be upset if my favorite team didn't try to exploit that.

Scott Graham said...

I know that as a player and coach, I absolutely love stealing signs. As Andy mentioned, there are no rules against what the Phillies did.

While I am definitely in favor of the Phillies stealing signs, I think I'm a little hesitant about the binocular aspect. However, both teams have this ability because there aren't many if any stadiums that are setup such that one bullpen has a clear view while the other does not (making it a level playing field). Also, I think it takes a tremendous amount of effort to steal the signs from the bullpen, relay it somehow (over the phone?), and then have that one player relay it to the team or batter. There isn't a tremendous amount of time between the pitcher getting the signal from the catcher, and delivering the pitch.

I say, more power to stealing signs.