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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Game 29: The Braves should be embarassed (18-11)

Jamie Moyer threw a 2 H shutout vs. the Braves last night. Jamie Moyer! He went 9 innings. outrageous. I probably rag on Jamie Moyer too much, but there is no way he should ever throw a complete game 2 hitter in the majors at this point in his life. He's just not that good. The Braves should be ashamed of themselves for letting Moyer get out of the 2nd inning on just 3 pitches. He's an old man, make him throw pitches. Note: I am a Phillies fan.

Anyway, congrats Jamie. The 2-7 spots in the Phils lineup last night were 11-22 with 3 walks. Pretty solid offensive showing last night against Derek Lowe, who they chased after just 5 innings.

It should be noted that Carlos Ruiz's OBP was .452 after last night's game. Utley's OBP was .444. Werth's was .420. I would seriously begin considering moving Ruiz up in the lineup. He has a great eye and patience at the plate.

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