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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Game 23: Intelligent Decision: Putting Roy Halladay on the Mound (13-10)

Thank you Mr. Anon E Mouse for the post title. It really is a no-brainer though. Halladay cruised on his way to a 5-1 record yesterday on the mound. He threw his 3rd complete game in his 6th start of the season. 6 Ks and 4 base runners in 9 innings isn't too shabby. I'm not a huge fan of letting pitchers go 9 innings when they're up by an absurd amount on the scoreboard, but he did have a shutout going, so I guess it's alright.

The Phillies bats' woke up, and showed Mike Pelfrey's true colors. The Phils had 6 extra-base hits including a 3 run homer by Victorino in the 4th that blew the game open.

Not much to talk about (seems to be the theme when Halladay is on the mound). I kind of think it's hilarious that Jose Reyes is in the 3-hole for the Mets. Although, where else (besides 7th-9th) could you put a player with a .592 OPS?

The Phillies attempt to take the series tonight as LHP Old Man River takes on LHP Johan Santana.


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