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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Game 22: Kendrick is still terrible, Manuel is still stupid (12-10)

Well, not much to say about Kendrick. Another poor outing. He actually only allowed 6 runners in 5 IP. However, he suffered by way of the long ball giving up 3 HRs. Shockingly, his record is now 0-1 on the season. I swear, this guy must have angels watching over him. In the past, he was terrible and got wins because the offense was extraordinary. Now, he's terrible, and he's still not recording losses. Still more proof as to why Ws and Ls are not good barometers (not thermometer's) of a pitcher's ability.

Understandably, Manuel yanked Kendrick after 5. He inserted Danys Baez who has been having a terrible year. With 4 innings to fill up, not a terrible decision, I guess. However, after breezing through his first inning of work, Manuel left the former closer in for a second inning. This is not the first time Manuel has done it this year, and it just doesn't work out well. Without recording an out, Baez was responsible for 4 more ER to the Mets.

The Phillies only had 8 base runners, so it's not like they were set to make a comeback, but still, Charlie, make intelligent decisions today.

Today, Roy Halladay takes on RHP Mike Pelfrey in the 2nd game of the set.

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Anonymous said...

intelligent decision: putting roy halladay on the pitchers mound