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Friday, April 16, 2010

Game 9: Bullpen blows the sweep (7-2)

Danys Baez allowed three runs in the 8th inning to allow a one-run lead to Washington that they eventually converted into a 7-5 win over the Phils yesterday. The Nats' avoided a sweep while the Phils blew a 4-1 7th inning lead.

Charlie Manuel made one glaring mistake in yesterday;s game. Antonio Bastordo, the Phils' only lefty in the bullpen, pitched the 7th inning and allowed one run to make the Phils' lead 4-2. He did not bat in the bottom of the 7th, yet, Manuel used RHP Danys Baez instead of Bastardo to pitch to LHB Adam Dunn to start the 8th inning.

Bastardo has similar numbers to Baez against LHB (Bastardo allows a .348 OBP/.439 SLG; Baez a .354/.420), but Dunn is much better against right-handed pitching. Dunn is .395/.542 against RHP in his career, but only .359/.468 against lefties. The obvious, and correct, choice is Bastardo. He threw 17 pitches in his inning of work, and he certainly could have handled one more batter. Dunn faced Baez instead, and he hit a homer to cut the lead to one run. Had Manuel kept the lefty in for their best lefty, perhaps the Phils would be 8-1.

Next up is RHP Roy Halladay vs. RHP Anibal Sanchez at 7:05 pm tonight.

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