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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Game 8: Phillies score a Dusty Baker's dozen (7-1)

The Phillies, who averaged just over 7 runs per game entering tonight's contest, doubled that and won 14-7. They overcame a terrible start by Kyle Kendrick, who allowed 6 runs without getting through the second inning. Nelson Figueroa picked up the victory in long relief, and Chase Utley cracked two home runs.

Charlie Manuel definitely pulled Kendrick at the right time, and he trusted his bullpen to do the job. I do question placing Castro ahead of Ruiz in the lineup, but the difference between 7 and 8 isn't too significant.

Victorino did a nice job in the leadoff spot tonight. Hopefully he'll stay there when Rollins returns.

Tomorrow afternoon the Phils go for their second consecutive sweep when LHP J.A. Happ takes on LHP Scott Olsen at 3:05 pm in the Businessman's Special.


Anonymous said...

What a perffect time to show everyone the Victorino belongs in the leadoff spot.
Mr. Musser, are you and Mr. Graham going to emphasize the lead off spot in the next two weeks?
If Victorino does well while JROLL is on the DL, do you think Charlie will leave Victorino at leadoff and put Jroll at 7?

Scott Graham said...

While I do think he should, I don't think there is even a slim chance that Charlie would leave Shane as the lead-off man. We have seen this before with certain lineup moves. They don't last.

Even more detrimental to this hope is the fact that Rollins was off to a fast start. Charlie probably hasn't even realistically considered it.