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Monday, April 12, 2010

Game 6: Phillies offense falls the first time, yet still win (5-1)

The Phillies failed to score at least 5 runs yesterday for the first time this season. The Phils got one run in each of the first two innings (one came on J-Roll's 34th career leadoff homer), but then were held scoreless for the remainder of the game.

Usually, two runs would not be enough to win a baseball game, but Roy Halladay held the Astros to 1 run in a CG 7 H 0 BB 8 K outing in which he threw 111 pitches (83 strikes). Is it just me, or did people make a huge deal each time Cliff Lee had an impressive outing, whereas with Halladay it just seems to be expected.

I really liked Manuel letting Halladay throw the 9th when he already had thrown over 100 pitches. Madson threw 27 pitches in 1 inning of work on Saturday, and when you have Roy Halladay cruising on the mound, I think the ball should absolutely stay in his hands in that situation.

The Phillies have their home opener today at 3:05 when LHP Cole Hamels take on RHP Jason Marquis.

Boo Henrik Lundqvist almost stealing that game yesterday.

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