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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Game 20: Phillies play an ugly game, Eddings guesses (11-9)

These past two games have been excruciatingly painful to watch. The Phillies lost the game, and the series tonight (probably will get swept now), by a score of 6-2. It was pretty much an ugly game all around by the Phils. Moyer gave up 4 ER in 6 IP, yet another poor showing by the Phillies' eldest* statesmen (Sarge would be confused by this superlative). I don't like Moyer, and I probably never will; especially, if he continues to pitch like a minor leaguer. At least Kendrick is young, and his season last year shows that he might be capable of improvement. Also, Kendrick probably did not play a role in the monetary incentive not to keep Cliff Lee this past off-season.

While I'd love to place all the blame on Moyer, I can't. The offense was stifled tonight by a pitcher with a career WHIP of 1.515. Coming into tonight's game, Wellemeyer had walked 11 batters over 14.1 IP. What did the Phillies lineup do? Well, aside from Carlos Ruiz, the team averaged 3.64 P/PA and walked once. Carlos averaged 7 P/PA and walked twice. I think it's simply a disgrace that Wellemeyer was able to make it through the 6th and 7th innings on just 11 pitches total. In my opinion, this can be put somewhat on Manuel's shoulders. He can very easily tell them to take, and not swing first pitch (Werth).

The team was sloppy on defense as well as on the base paths tonight. Howard slowed down as he approached 2nd base in the 2nd inning tonight on what should have been a double, but he was tagged out. Utley tried to stretch his hit into a double in the 9th when down by 4 runs (I think he beat the tag) when his making it to second is really not that important.

The umpires were brutal all around tonight (that "beautiful" DP turned by Castro and Utley should not have been a DP. The runner was safe at first.). HP umpire Doug Eddings was especially brutal as his strike zone was random at best. Moyer was not getting the left corner of the plate while Wellemeyer did get that pitch pretty frequently. In the 8th inning, Victorino was called out on a terrible pitch, and it basically killed the rally that the Phillies had started. The strike zone is an objective area. Screw the talks of umpires calling more strikes to speed up the game. If you can't watch a three hour baseball game, then don't watch. Just how much faster could they make the games anyway?

The Phillies will most likely futilely attempt to avoid a sweep tomorrow as LHP Cole Hamels takes on RHP Tim Lincecum.

*On two occasions tonight, Sarge commented that "he is the better of all the brothers". The two instances referred to Bengie Molina (3 Molinas) and I believe one of the Alou brothers (3 Alous). How does he make this mistake twice?

On another note, I literally can no longer stand any sentence that Chris Wheeler says.


cheesefondue said...

I share the same frustration with the way the Phillies played last night, and have been playing all week (before inning 9 of tonight's game). In fact I had to go to bed very early on because I couldn't stand watching another inning of us not hitting while allowing multi-home run innings against us. I agree that Ruiz made, and consistently makes, a great effort to make the pitcher work while at the plate (batting - because he's always at the plate). It's as if everyone else just assumes that our great start to the season was enough and they can slack off a little, or Ryan Howard just signed a contract with us so now he can too. I have been frustrated for the past 2 weeks wondering why it is always the Phils that give up homers multiple times an inning and at the worst times, why it is the Phils that go through such great hitting droughts, and why it is the Phils that rarely cause such things to happen to other teams. The Phils give up a lot of hits (like Schierholtz going 5 for 5 today, or the entire Giants team who had 18 hits against us today) and as of yet are not hitting that many homers. It could be that these things happen frequently to all teams and I just don't know because I only pay attention to the Phils. But whether that is true or not, I am not content with it happening to us, and certainly not this early in the season. We're better than that. I don't think this comment really adds any additional points to the article it's attached to, I just need to vent. And it's my first post ever after reading this site daily for the past 13 months. Thanks.

Scott Graham said...

Appreciate the readership, Cheese. As I said, I have been very frustrated with the performance the last week or so, but I think we all need to take a step back.

This team has been to back-to-back World Series, and has basically dominated the NL and NL East for the last 2 full seasons. The Phillies started out this season by scoring 77 runs in its first 10 games. That's outrageous. The Phils also had well over 10 hits in a lot of those games. So to say we rarely inflict damage on other teams is probably just one that was issued while caught up in the moment.

Granted, the Phillies have far superior talent than most of the teams they've played so far, but teams like the Giants have FAR superior pitching. Especially with the injuries to the Phillies right now, our rotation is comprised of 3 people who probably shouldn't even be on the roster.

Don't worry too much about this nonsense. Not to mention, the Phillies are 3 games over .500 and have only played 6 home games out of 21 so far. Terrible stretch recently considering the great start, but it is still only April.