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Monday, April 26, 2010

Game 18: Phillies lose series with Kendrick on mound (11-7)

Kyle Kendrick started out somewhat strong for the Phils, but collapsed in the 5th inning when he allowed five runs. I guess I was wrong about Kendrick's potential for this year (oh well).

After falling behind in the 5th inning, 5-3, the Phillies managed to claw their way back to re-take the lead in the 6th. However, when 2 of the 3 relievers that you count on to get you through the final 4 innings, Baez and Herndon, have ERAs/WHIPs of over 6/1.5 respectively, you shouldn't really count on too many good things happening. The Phillies coughed up the lead, and were never able to get it back.

I would call out Manuel for letting Baez start the 7th inning when he hasn't been pitching well, and didn't necessarily get through the 6th easily, but who else was he going to use? Durbin pitched 2 innings on Saturday (only 24 pitches though, he looks good this year), and Contreras threw two days in a row.

I would just like to point out that Carlos Ruiz has an OBP of .439 through 18 games. Mr. Musser and I have been paying attention to his on-base ability for some time now, and we think Carlos is very underrated.

Cheer West Coast trips as Roy Halladay opens the series in SF tonight against LHP Jonathan Sanchez at 10:15

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