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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Game 12: Phillies are shutout for the first time (8-4)

Unlike yesterday's game, the Phillies actually were shutout for the first time this season. Cole Hamels pitched a very good game today, but the Phillies offense was questionably absent again. Hamels went 8+ IP while allowing 7 Hs, 0 BBs, 2 ERs, and 8 Ks. He was in great command of the strike zone today, and seemed to dominate aside from the homer he allowed to Dan Uggla.

Manuel did a good job sitting Raul Ibanez today in favor of Ben Francisco against the LHP Nate Robertson. What he did not do a good job of was removing Hamels after the 8th inning. He allowed Hamels to start the 9th with Cantu, Uggla, and Ross due up. Prior to the 9th inning, the three had combined to go 3/9 against Hamels today, and all are RHB. Cantu led off the inning with a single, and apparently Hamels was on an extremely short leash, as he was promptly yanked.

Question: If Manuel is only going to give Hamels one baserunner, why even let him start the inning? Throw Ryan Madson in there with the bases empty and have 3 R/R matchups. However, Manuel is a terrible strategist, and the deficit was extended to 2 as Madson gave up an RBI double to Uggla upon entering.

A 1-run lead is much easier than a 2-run lead to overcome as only one successful at-bat is necessary to tie the game.

No reason to panic due to the Phillies offensive swoon the last two days. I'll chalk it up to the law of averages.

I guess karma got me for making fun of Santana allowing 0 runs and not being in position for a Win yesterday. Hamels pitched much better than in his first two outings, yet today he got the loss.

Current mood: Confused. How do people continue to site W/L as meaningful pitching stats?

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